IKUT & Associates provide advice to individuals and/or businesses seeking to experience the power that brings together business management opportunities.  We advise on the closest and best skill solution; and any overall Business Management is our business.


At IKUT, we have experienced that the ability for us to change over time is critical to our long-term survival.  To this end, we continuously structure our company strategies to maximize the likelihood of obtaining successful change.  The reality is that if we want to see advancement in any business area, a major model shift needs to occur in the way we view our company’s business.  Business Management is our core business.  We work with our clients to achieve improvements in their businesses using our public services experience derived from our managerial methods and relevant business standards.  This involves well-groomed business operations through changes to processes, business systems and working practices.


Our main experience has been gained in public services administration in the public sector.  In addition, we have experience in other sectors, including the IT services and distribution.  We employ only experienced market analyst, we are ideally positioned to deliver benefits to our clients, while building relationships that enable us to understand their strategies, culture and needs.  IKUT & Associates have had a history of providing outstanding client business services in various areas of businesses and commercial transactions, together with our extensive experience in dealing with all levels of management as well as multi-national clients.


Having established a successful in-house public service team for some of our clients’ businesses, and expertly managed by our experienced professionals, we have now grown by adding new services and offerings.  We have created a business management offering to both public and in-house management.


Although we are still growing, but we believe in offering excellent service and value for money in all areas of our business.  Our obligation is to be a first-choice supplier of business management services delivering genuine value for money to our clients.  We believe in building strong client relationships based upon integrity and respect.


IKUT & Associates is SafeContractor accredited. SafeContractor is one of the leading health and safety assessment schemes in the UK and, with this accreditation, we can assure our customers of our health and safety competency.  We are very pleased to have achieved this award and are keen to maintain and build on this success moving forward.


Membership No: QQ0487

“Gaining the Alcumus SafeContractor Accreditation has allowed us to take our safe working practices to the next level.  Acquiring this standard will continue to allow IKUT & Associates to work on many sites where previously we didn’t have the chance to. We also know that working in these new environments will involve working alongside other like-minded contractors who share the same health and safety values. It provides us with peace of mind knowing that we’re working compliantly and in line with all current regulations.”   

                                                                                                                                                                       ~ Kenny Tuki (Director)